Monday, May 19, 2014

In Which I Celebrate my Bat Mitzvah

This week I turn twelve, so this morning we celebrated my Bat Mitzvah.  A Bat Mitzvah ceremony has to take place on the Sabbath (Saturday), or on a Monday or Thursday morning, because Mondays and Thursdays are Torah reading days.  Anyway, here are pictures.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

In Which I Introduce Myself, My Family, and Our Home


While I talk about our family, I should mention that Mom and Dad are passionate about adoption and always have been.  It isn't because they couldn't have kids--after all, they had Maayan and me.  Rather, Mom and Dad just feel that this is a good way for them to help the world.  We have an awesome social worker, Ms. R., working with us; Mom and Dad asked to be approved for a sibling group of three so she is working on making that happen.  Ms. R. is really great: she cares about our family as a whole, not just as customers.  She even sat down with Maayan and me (no parents!) and went over what adoption means and if we are ready for more siblings.  We said of course we are!